Fry vs Luke  Skywalker is the first episode of Season 1 of Warrior's Epic Rap Battles and the first overall.

Nice Peter as Luke Skywalker

Alex Farnham as William J. Fry

EpicLLOYD as Zapp Brannigan (cameo)



Do or do not, there is no try!

I'll burn you to a crisp, you can keep your French fries!

I dueled twice with my father, you run from the mafia!

When you trade sabers with me, you'll get a case of anoxia!

Really? You couldn't protect your fiance from Zapp!

If you want to win, bitch, you better bring your best raps!

When I grip the mic, on my second verse I go harder,

When it comes to rhymes, Bill, I am your father!


Pizza! Oh wait, here's some raps to your face!

You can't win, so just forfeit this debate!

I'll freeze you, my raps are colder than carbonite,

Better come on the crew, cause it's Fry or flight!

Leela's been Furthermore my bride for 7 years kid,

Better run off before I slice your hand off, bitch!

I've come to win, that's what I always do,

Time to face the truth, not even your dad loves you!

(Luke walks toward Fry)


I know, my father turned to the dark when I was at a young age,

But at least me and my relatives are on the same page!

Oh shit, you still have much to learn young Padawan,

But your fall will be faster than the death of Master Obi-Wan!


You say you're ready for a fight, fuck, this will be fun,

When this prick gets shot down with my laser guns!

I'll zap your hobo ass back to the prequel,

You use the light side? You shit, I am a force truly evil!


I will Strike Back, I am certified platinum!

While you're stuck in a retarded mockumentary on the camera!


I'll take you out, like 2016 did Carrie Fisher!

You're the reason your whole galaxy got triggered!

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